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Just about two weeks ago Dara & I along with our good friends Nick & Yanessa traveled across the river to Governor's Island for the Jazz Age Lawn Party.  I love some of the images I captured, as well as the Polaroids that Dara featured on her blog HERE and HERE (and at the bottom of this post).

now for some Polaroid fun!!!129585110025937500.jpg
dara 1920's.jpgt+d.jpg129585112017656250.jpg129585111164218750.jpg

Amélie - Merci New York says:

Amazing shots, great outfits, love it :)

(09.02.11 @ 08:31 AM)
Sharon De La O says:

These are stunning! Film fits this event so well too. Gorgeous!

(09.02.11 @ 11:17 AM)
Adam says:

Oh my gosh... these are all so incredible!!

(09.12.11 @ 12:38 PM)
Katie Neal says:

OMG, these are freaking amazing!!!!!!! Why does San Diego have nothing cool like this?!?!?

(01.11.12 @ 01:34 PM)
Abbie says:

these are so much fun!!

(02.22.12 @ 05:15 PM)
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Where do I begin?  I love these photos I took of my beautiful wife one Sunday morning.  Every so often I beg her to get in front of the camera like old times, when she was the only person I was taking photos of.  Before I had wonderful couples that let me document their wedding days, before editorial projects, before life got busy, she was the one that let me practice on her.  To this day, many of my favorite images are of Dara and I now have a few more to add to that collection.  I am so blessed to have this amazing woman in my life.

So how did I coax Dara to get in front of the camera????  Well a trip to Madewell and a new dress did the trick.


Em says:

Madewell is my love language. Love these!!

(09.01.11 @ 11:35 AM)
Alicia Candelora says:

Every time I see a picture of Dara, I think "My God, she is GORGEOUS! And I want to own ALL of her clothes!"

(09.01.11 @ 11:46 AM)
Ashley Loh says:

Oh that Dara - just the most gorgeous thing on the face of this earth inside and out! You're a lucky man Mr. Cobb!!

(09.01.11 @ 11:54 AM)
rhonda says:

Once again ....she is just a truly beautiful lovely lady who has the best hubby around !

(09.01.11 @ 12:34 PM)
Frankie Fontenot says:

Great pictures of a beautiful young woman that I'm very proud to say she is my niece. I know there's an angel or two smiling down on you. Love you!

(09.01.11 @ 09:10 PM)
miya says:

I love these. Your wife is seriously the best.

(09.02.11 @ 12:30 AM)
Jackie | Merci New York says:

Dara is gorg (as usual!) in these fabulous photos. Lots of love to you both! xx

(09.02.11 @ 10:14 AM)
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I wanted to show you guys a few Polaroids I shot while around my neighborhood in lower Manhattan tonight (battery park, financial district, south street seaport).  I hope we all are getting fooled by Irene and that our beautiful city is spared from any damage.  Having been through many hurricanes growing up in Louisiana and remembering the destruction of Hurricane Katrina very well, I have made sure to be prepared for it all (my dad is probably so proud reading this...yes dad, I paid attention all those years during hurricane preparations).

Before Irene-00005.jpgBefore Irene-00002.jpg

Before Irene-00003.jpgthis little guy did not evacuate battery park cityBefore Irene-00011.jpg
Before Irene-00006.jpg
Before Irene-00007.jpg
Before Irene-00012.jpg
Before Irene-00010.jpg
Before Irene-00013.jpg
Before Irene-00016.jpg

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Such a great day hanging out with Allison + Navin in their neighborhood, at their apartment and their rooftop.  I cannot wait for their wedding this weekend!A+N--00018.jpg

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So excited to be shooting Kendall + Dave's wedding this weekend!K+D-Stop-Motion-engagement-1.gifK+D-Engaged-00057.jpg

Lindsey says:

I love these pictures! You are so talented. Her pink dress is so cute! I would love to work with you some time, please let me know if you ever need a makeup artist :D

(08.25.11 @ 08:39 PM)
Marissa @ Southern Weddings says:

Oh my goodness! That stop motion is so sweet!!

(09.01.11 @ 12:40 PM)
Kat says:

the light. the color palette. the couple. love. love. love.

(09.07.11 @ 06:07 PM)
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